Creation of high-quality home studios is possible due to the rapid development of electronics. In the entourage that you see in the photo, a large number of works have been recorded.


Audio Interfaces: RME HDSP 9632, Roland Quad-Capture
Microphone Preamp: Warmer Sound M31
Microphones: RecordingTools MC-900, Rode NT1-A, Beyerdynamic TG-X58 etc.
Monitors: Yamaha MSP7 STUDIO
Monitor controller: Sunet StudioMaster 2
MIDI Keyboards: Studiologic NumaCompact, CME M-Key
Studio controller and Portastudio: Zoom R24
Headphones: Sennheiser HD 600 and German Maestro GMP 400 (open), Sennheiser HD 380 Pro (closed)


Main Host-Sequencer: Reaper.
Other DAW: StudioOne 3, Cakewalk (by BandLab), Cubase 6 AI, Reason 10 Essential and even FL Studio 20 Fruity Edition 😉
Virtual instruments and processing plugins: I have collected so many of them over the years that even the main ones are difficult to list. I will say just one thing: I have a license for all software, from the operating system to the last plugin. I don’t use pirated software.

Of course not every work can be done qualitatively without a specially equipped tone-room – for this case there is a permanent agreement with my wonderful colleague Andrey Beseda and his “D.O.M. Records” recording studio. This is where we and our friends come with a visit in order to record what we cannot do in our home studio due to technical reasons.